Nicole's new Dream Body Dream Day Weekend is a workshop for Young Brides. Nicole will teach Master Fitness and Health (getting in that wedding dress) - Shari Geffen, Image Maker to The Stars will teach beauty from the inside out and outside in. We'll teach women to write their vows and David Coury, from Extreme Makeover and The Swan TV Series, will get women up on their feet, in the moment, present and clear to Say Their Vows. Masterful John Gray, Ph.D. will teach his Mars Venus Relationships and Health. What a weekend! This weekend will kick off our "90 Day Online Bridal Program".
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Nicole Brandon, Master Pilates Instructor

Nicole is a Master Fitness Instructor, Renowned Coach, Author and the CEO and founder of "Artistry In Motion" A.I.M. For Excellence Inc. Nicole is one of the most sought after motivational speakers, writers and teachers across the globe today. Nicole is known for her transformational work on the acclaimed UCLA's Pediatric Pain Team and has notably changed the lives of hundred's and thousands across the world. Her practice has a broad scope from celebrity's to world class athletes. Her remarkable work with CEO's to the highest performers and achievers in society today has gotten her notable view. Her compassionate care includes infants, children, pre and post natal care, and transforming and elevating all forms of health, wellness, fitness, diet, nutrition, movement and life.

Nicole's name and expertise can be found as a Master Teacher, Coach, Board Member, Guide, Writer, Consultant and Expert with such organizations as "The March of Dimes, Too Children With Love, The Child Abuse Foundation, Make a Wish, The American Cancer Foundation, Pritikin Heart Smart, The Arthritis Foundation, The Unified School District, The Healing Heart, Summer Arts Academy, Planet View, New Earth News, The Sports Connection, For Women Only, Spirit Dance, Moro Landis, The Art Of The Dance, Dance Masters Of America, Body, Mind, Spirit, Sacred Life, The Children's Health Initiative,The Pachamama Alliance, The Health and Freedom Expo, HBT, Earth Day - Disney, Sound Living Systems, Network Tours, The Grand Prix, Newport Yacht Charters, Noble Property Development, A World Without Strangers, The Variety Club, Poolates, FMA Bank, The Wings Foundation, Arthur Murray Go For The Gold, HUB (Humanitarian Unites Brilliance), One Voice, The World Cup, Fuji Film, Schefflin and Somerset, Discovery Health, The Grove Golf Resort, UCLA Health and Media Research Center, Noel Films, Kandoo Films, and The Transformational Leadership Council.

Nicole holds numerous certifications ranging the spectrum of health, from Nutrition and Reiki, to Master Fitness, Rehab, and specialty venues such as Arthritis, Heart Attack, Stoke Recovery, Endurance, Sports Rehab, Shoulder Care, Joint Efforts, Power Pilates, Arthritis, Stretch, Paramedic Training, Knee Care, Athletic Performance, Preventive fitness, high end performance, and spine, back and regenerative repair. Nicole offers a ten month certification program where she trains trainers in high end mobility and the magic of the body, unlimited movement and to achieve the pinnacle of physical dreams. Nicole turns every barrier and wall into a gate and single handedly gives people their lives back, guiding them, to live the life of their dreams.

Her manifestation and focus on Reach and Balance, teaches people to how to reach for their dreams, goals, finances and visions with ease. Her careful threading of each individual to their life purpose, brings joy, enthusiasm, focus, energy and passion to a vital, healthy and unstoppable form.

Nicole hosts the Top International Bridal Radio Show "Hour Glass Brides" and her name and face is the brand of fitness and health in our world today. Her books, videos, workbooks and novels teach people how to shift their consciousness, free the barriers and live a healthy, happy, whole and complete life in a body that they love. Her smile, humor, story telling and cues are memorizing and people are drawn to the glory in which she takes people from one place to another breaking thru their impossible to live a life they only imagined.

Nicole also coaches clients around the world on the phone and thru her teleseminars guiding people thru their own journey one major step at a time. Whether corporate coaching or holding a newborn in the hospital, Nicole is the power of movement and the essence of life itself. Many call her a Shaman and the bridge from the Physical to The Spiritual and subconscious and conscious world. Nicole simply smiles as she guides her clients in the "art" of wellness, health, vitality, physical transformation and physical regeneration. In her free time Nicole rides horses, races sail boats, dances, performs aerial acrobatics and empowers others by helping people be pain free and by teaching all those she meets the ultimate power of the body.

Nicole simply inspires beauty and the glory of the human form, which she coins "Artistry In Motion," which of course , is the way she lives.

Nicole's workouts give you energy and strength. They tone, rejuvenate and revitalize. Are you looking for slim thighs and a curved waist - the perfect body for the perfect day? Then Call Today!

Phone: (888) 952-1112
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